Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! :-)

I've been looking forward to Easter Sunday for the past few weeks because it will be the first time that I will organize an Easter egg hunt at home.

My house has been bedecked by little bunny decorations :-) I got the bunny template from

Weeks ahead, I invited some family members but they cancelled a few days before the event. So, my party got toned way down. Since it will be just our immediate family who will be attending, we settled for a potluck lunch of a series of comfort food (most of which don't really go well together, but what the heck!). We had dinuguan from my in-laws, mom made the stuffed chicken (my lola's recipe), chicken macaroni salad and pancit molo soup, which is Ashley's favorite, I made the lengua in mushroom sauce.

I also made chocolate cupcakes with bunnies and Easter eggs on top. The yellow bunny kinda looks like my dog, Poe :-) The bunny toppers were pre-ordered from Love2Bake, a bakery supplier in BF.

I got some bunny hats specifically for the occasion. Here, worn by the kids. Nephew JJ, nieces Ashley and Jessica.

The highlight of the day of course was the Easter egg hunt. The adults hid the eggs right before we started the hunt since the temperature outside was scorching and were afraid that the heat might melt the treats inside the eggs. The adults had fun hiding the eggs too. I placed candies, chocolates and money inside them.

The kids seemed happy with their treasures :-)

Hope your Easter was as fun as ours :-)


Socky said...

I'm missing this. Happy Easter to you all and hugs to the kids.

Leica said...
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Leica said...

Thanks Tita! Happy Easter to everyone there in Toronto :-)

Gigie said...

Hi Leica, i remember lola's stuffed chicken too...sarap nun....happy easter!

Leica said...

Happy Easter Gigie!

l2b said...

Love the cupcakes! Thanks for dropping by our shop, hope to see you again:)