Thursday, April 28, 2011

Suites, Shoots, Tomato, Tohmahto.....

I was on my way to lunch, took the stairs going down to buy some grub. As I was walking down, two men, who were probably messengers delivering parcels to various offices in the building, were animatedly talking:

Manong 1: "Anong building nga ito? Legaspi Shoots?"

Manong 2: "Oo pare, Legaspi Shoots"

Me, thinking to myself.. "Legaspi Suites... SUITES!!!!"

I get the same problem when I speak on the phone and tell the address of the company that I am working for:

Me: "We are located at Legaspi Suites"

Person on the other line: "Lagaspi Street?"

After repeating the same conversation several times, I just spell it out of exasperation.

Me: "S-U-I-T-E-S"

Person on the other line: "Ah, Legaspi Shoots"

Ok, I give up :-)


ericbau said...

Reminds me of the Filipino tutorials in You Tube that you showed me recently... I forget the artist's name....

Leica said...

Mikey Bustos :-)