Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My First Soju at Koreana Restaurant

I hate to admit it but I'm having mad obsession with Korean and Taiwanese movies and romantic comedy novelas. There were times when I would stay awake for sixteen hours and finish the whole series in one go. I'm impatient that way, he he he. I would do the same for US shows too, in case you're judging me while reading this. Ha ha ha!

I was so obsessed in fact that I whined and begged Hubby to go to Korea to see the Cherry Blossom Festival. My whines and pleading did not go anywhere. Sigh. I should perhaps employ another tactic of coercion and persuasion.

In the meantime, we just have to make do with eating at a Korean restaurant for my Korean "obsession". There's a huge Korean restaurant in Westgate, Alabang. It seems like it's been there for ages, but we haven't tried it yet. The restaurant's name is very inventive...Koreana Restaurant. He he he.

Typically in Korean Restaurants (or Korean homes for that matter), there are a lot of side dishes served with your meals. The side dishes are bottomless at Koreana Restaurant for as long as they have it on stock in the kitchen (duh), usually they don't run out according to our waitress. I liked the pork meatballs and the Kimchi.

Hubby and I ordered the Bibimbap and the Bulgogi (can't remember exactly since I lost the itemized receipt). Now, I have no point of comparison since I haven't been to Korea (no thanks to Hubby...hmph!) Hubby on the other hand, had a grand culinary experience while he was in Korea, years ago, for a business trip.

Despite me not having the culinary experience (no thanks to Hubby again. Hmph!), I felt that the Bibimbap that I ordered was not up to par. It was quite dry and not what I expected. I expected more taste, perhaps? :-)

Hubby's order was good though. That sneaky devil knew exactly what to order. Hmph!

Hubby and I also tried Soju, a Korean alcoholic beverage (like gin or something). That green bottle was always so prominently present in all the movies that I watched. We were given two shot glasses and an ice-cold Soju. Soju is usually taken as "shots", like a tequila.

Bottoms up!

Or not.

The Soju packs a punch, my gulay!


Carolyn said...

Great restaurant! Your pictures are fantastic.

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mrslovey said...

Again, we share the same addiction to tv series. last korean obsession was baker king. I even have to sneak out to watch it when mr.loveys sleeping already. sabi nga nila "wiwi lng phinga" lol. same with US tv series.

Leica said...

@Carolyn - Thanks :-)

@MrsLovey - I know exactly what you mean :-) Ha ha ha. My favorites are Down with Love and Perfect Match.

Random Possum said...

i super super love korean food! gosh sa LA i had the best dulsot hot bibimbop...super sulit!!!

Leica said...

Hey, we forgot to eat Korean food in Koreatown in New York City! :-) Take me to the best one when we go back ha?

kuan said...

Pinoy embraces the culture of Korean's because of this Korean's Tv series and even musics. I love the restaurants and of course the soju.

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