Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cheese Pie

Have you ever had Cheese Pie? It’s not actually a pie but a thin layer of milky cake generously sprinkled with cheese and then baked.

Cheese Pie is one of those old fashioned desserts that somehow got forgotten. Like an old newspaper, lost its circulation to the general public. I’ve searched the internet for a recipe one time but I couldn’t find any that resembled the ones that I had growing up.

On one of my excursions to a bakery supplier in BF, I found a stack of Cheese Pie in the counter. I almost squealed with excitement! I can’t believe someone actually still bakes it. I was getting restless in the car and wanted to open the package and eat it immediately.

When we got home, Hubby and I both bit into a slice of the creamy, milky goodness of the Cheese Pie. I was transported back to my childhood, I remember I was maybe ten or eleven years old, sitting in my dad’s car, we were parked in front of the drugstore, my mom, gets out of the car and buys a Cheese Pie in the old building in Phase One. The old building used to have a drugstore there and they would sell the Cheese Pie in a makeshift table.

I’ve been searching a long time for a Cheese Pie, and finally I found one!

In case you’re interested, the Cheese Pie is available every weekend at the Pack-away Multi Sales store, beside Dough-it-all bakery supply near the Palengke in Phase 1.


mrslovey said...

now i wanna try this. i'll ask my friend who lives south to buy 1 for me. how much is it?

Leica said...

It's P130 per order. Pretty cheap :-)

mrslovey said...

yeah that's pretty cheap. i'll let u know if i liked it too :)

Leica said...

Ok. Thanks :-)

mrslovey said...

Hi Leica,

Could you provide the address where we can find this cheese pie?

Thanks :)

Judy Masim said...

hello! Can I have the exact addy of this bakery? I grew up eating this cheese pie too! tnx!