Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Newly Refurbished Conti's

Hubby dragged me again to have lunch out last weekend. He wants me to "relax" from the endless things that needed to be done at home. Such a sweetheart. (Actually, he may just be craving for some baked goodies, he he he)

We were surprised that the whole place was refurbished so fast. We just dined there a few weeks ago! The interiors are yellow and green, like their packaging :-) The place now is more spacious without the fountain (that's why there are posts in the middle, that's where the fountain/mini waterfall used to be) and the huge refrigerated display. The chairs are even more comfy and most of all they added some new selection on the menu, which hubby and I will try in due time.

Hubby's a creature of habit and not very adventurous when it comes to food choices. He ordered Caesar's Salad and his favorite Beef Salpicao with Paella Rice. He always orders these when we dine there. The salpicao is good. Maybe that's why he often orders it.

I has the Tanigue Fish Skewers. This is a new item on their menu. It was good and succulent, tender, juicy and not "malansa". The dish is served with macaroni salad and garlic fried rice. I shared this with hubby. He seemed to like it too. I love grilled peppers, I even ate the onions :-)

For dessert, we ordered the Mango Tart. A super favorite for both hubby and myself. Unahan kami sa crust!

Hubby also tried the Bananalicious. It's a pie made with bananas, cream, caramel, nuts and more whipped cream on top. The banana essence is a bit strong though and a bit "nakakasawa". Best shared.

I like dining at Conti's the head waiter always gives us excellent service.

I knew hubby was up to something when he asked to be excused. He came back with a bag of goodies of chicken pies and chocolate chip brownies. I knew getting me to "relax" was just a ploy to buy the chicken pies.....


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yummmy. i love conti's too!! try their turtle pie and black velvet cake too.