Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bangus Restaurant

I know that this post is a bit delayed. My weekend was packed with activities and mounds of laundry. Sigh…

Hubby took pity on me and dragged me to have lunch somewhere nearby. Our choice was at Bangus restaurant at The Pergola in BF Homes. It’s so funny that both him and I have never dined there with it just a short driving distance from our place. Bagus is milkfish in English. Bangus is abundant in Philippine waters. The best ones are found in Dagupan where the bangus is sweeter and more succulent. Bangus has about a million bones in it :-) It is best to have youor fish monger debone it for you for a small charge.

First off, we tried the Boneless Bangus Tinapa Rice. The whole smoked bangus is gutted, flaked and fried to a crisp and mixed with fried rice, topped with slivered green mangoes and scrambled eggs and capped off by the crispy bangus skin. Try this next time you’re there. It’s quite nice, the bangus skin is so crispy, it’s like chicharon. Good for two to three persons per order.

The sizzling Kangkong (water Spinach) was fresh and crispy, albeit a bit too gingery for our taste. No ginger next time.

For dessert, I tried the Reyna Blanca. A coconut gelatin dish with milk and pinipig (pounded toasted rice, sort of like rice crispies but flat). The pinipig is by far the best that I’ve tasted. Crunchy, light and so heavenly.

Hubby ordered the Mochi, which is unusual to find in a Filipino restaurant. It’s basically warm “galapong” (sticky rice that has been soaked overnight and ground to make a paste or "dough"). I forgot what’s inside, banana I think, sorry, but it wasn’t very special.

There were other interesting stuff on the menu that we would like to try next time.


ericbau said...

The table beside ours ordered Halo-Halo. Looked delicious. Will try that out next time.

Random Possum said...

just had i'm hungry again!

mikky said...

the Boneless Bangus Tinapa Rice looks awesome... will have to give it a try... thanks for sharing... :)

groovejet said...

I'm a recent Bangus Restaurant convert who stumbled upon your blog in search of kindred souls. I heard about it through friends in DELL Mall of Asia who couldn't stop talking about the place.

I finally got to try it last summer. The dish that did it for me was the Sinigang na Bangus Belly. Grabe. You have to taste it to know just what I'm talking about.

I was hooked from then on. This place is one of the most under-rated, best-kept secrets of Manila.

If you're looking for authentic Filipino food in Manila, I highly-recommend Bangus.