Friday, August 22, 2008

Ming's Garden, Tagaytay

Hubby and I went to Ming's Garden in Tagaytay a couple of weekends ago. The garden restaurant is owned by former first lady Ming Ramos, hence the name.

The Place is pleasant and homey, so homey that you can't tell which ones are staff, which ones are guests :-)

We also tried some of their dishes.

Bibingka. Hubby loved this one because of the cheese. I didn't like this too much because it tasted like it came from a cake mix that's been generously topped with cheese.

Mango and Crabstick Salad w/ Japanese Mayo. The presentation's not very special.
Cook: needs a little somethin' somethin'
I know! I'll squirt some mayonnaise and shape them into snakes.
Yeah, that should do it!

The lettuce is very very fresh though.

Hubby had Tocino. He liked this as well probably because it was made by Pampanga's Best!

I had the Spaghetti. Very remiscent of children's birthday parties

The food is not too bad for the price. We forked out just P500+.

The best way to describe the food would be it resembles the taste of food that you would eat at a relative's house who can't cook as well as you. He he he :-)

At least there's plenty of flowers!

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ericbau said...

Be very careful who you place your food order with. :)