Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's Moe's First Birthday!

My cousin Lyca's son turned one last Sunday. Yes, we have the same name. Our parents are cousins and were very close, her Ate's name Gloria, just like my mom's. Too bad my uncle already passed on, otherwise, there will be more entries here on my blog, for he loved to travel and eat. If there's anything he loved more, it is traveling and eating with family! My childhood was filled with happy summers spent with him and his family in the Caliraya, Baguio, Bicol, Batangas, Ilocos and other driveable places in Luzon. If the roads are half driveable, him and my dad took us there. My husband was fortunate enough to meet and vacation with him several times.

My Tito Florante would have been proud to see his grandson Moe, who inherited his infamous nose :-)

BTW, Moe is short for "Maliit na Mokong" :-) "Maliit" is "small" and "Mokong" is Filipino funny slang for "person", "man", or just an affectionate or insulting moniker to a person (depends on how you use it in a sentence), it's hard to explain. If you know the language, you'll understand :-)

Here are some pics of his first birthday:

Happy 1st birthday, Moe(kong)!

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ericbau said...

Can we have Jollibee's autograph?