Friday, September 11, 2009

A Veneto in BF Homes

I noticed that I rarely blog about the places that we visit quite often in BF Homes. One place that we often visit when we are too tired to cook is A Veneto. A pizza and pasta place right along Aguirre Avenue and is just walking distance from the in-laws. It's our standby place when Sunday dinners are time pressured or when hubby's folks suddenly have guests drop by.

Hubby and I are trying to eat a bit healthier these days (well, at least I am trying). We still love pork, mind you and we still indulge in it's fatty goodness at least once a week.

The big four-oh for hubby is just days away and since many of the young members (that means 50 and below, LOL) of our family are suffering in one ailment or the other, we deemed it best to cut down on fat now. Cut down, not completely obliterate.

Dining out is particularly tricky. Finding healthy alternatives for dinners and snacks prove to be very daunting.

A Veneto makes a great vegetarian pizza. I like this very much, light yet filling, two slices will be enough. A Veneto's pizza sauce is mild and not too over powering, I would prefer a thinner crust though. A Veneto's vegetarian pizza has mushrooms, bell peppers, olives and onions in them and of course a hefty serving of cheese.

Hubby also ordered a Seafood Salad. A Veneto's version has shucked mussels, shrimps, crab sticks, salad greens and pine nuts dressed in a sweet balsamic sauce. This is hubby's favorite salad at A Venento's and always make it a point to order this. (Pardon the dark pictures, yours truly took them without using hubby's fancy flash)

Hubby is also very biased when it comes to pizza choice. His always has to be shrimp pizza. You can choose whatever topping you like at A Veneto's and let your imagination run wild. A Veneto's also have their own signature pizzas and most people order those off the the menu.

A Veneto's in BF is a simple place with haphazardly placed eating nooks and peeling paint. I think the dismal interiors only add to A Veneto's hole-in-the-wall charm.


P said...

happy birthday to youuuuuu, erikbau! :-)
that pizza looks wicked!

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

really good for big gatherings coz they have big servings. haven't been here though ulit for quite some time na