Sunday, September 13, 2009

Amalia's in BF Homes

After our lunch and merienda at LP, the family had dinner at Amalia's, a Spanish restaurant located right along Aguirre Avenue in BF Homes.

For starters we had the Chorizo Bilbao. (Sorry, no photo)

Oysters in White Wine.

Vegetarian Paella, they used Jasmine Rice instead of Arborio rice for this one which is a bit unusual. The white asparagus was nice though.

Paella Espanola, with chicken, chorizo and seafood.

Salpicao, tenderloin beef cooked with lots of garlic (maybe they forgot to add garlic here?)

Callos or tripe stewed in tomatoes, garbanzos and red wine. This used to be my favorite at Amalia's (aside from the paella Espanola) but somehow the recipe is not the same tonight.

The kids had chicken lollipop which they finished off in fifteeen minutes flat.

For dessert, we had the Canonigo, a light fluffy eggwhite cake with a creamy sauce and a side serving of diced mangoes. This is one of my favorite desserts.

We noticed that Amalia's food is a bit lackluster today. I wonder if that's why only a few people (aside from us) dined there tonight.

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