Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fish Burger at Sango Master Burger, Alabang

Hubby always looks forward to a major grocery trip in South Supermarket. We rarely have time to go to the grocery together and when we do, we shop at South Supermarket in Alabang where there are great choices not found in our nearby grocery stores, Pure Gold and Robinson's Supermarket in BF.

But what hubby looks forward to most during a trip to South Supermarket, is getting the chance to have a burger at Sango Master Burger. His reward for pushing the grocery card and paying for the bills, LOL. He would always order the Master Burger, which I previously posted.

I tried something different for myself and ordered the Fish Burger. The Fish Burger at Sango Master Burger is composed of a thick fish patty, Japanese mayonnaise and cheese. It is Sango's version of Fillet-O-Fish. I hate to say this but, McDonald's Fillet-O-Fish wins by a mile (and that's not even my favorite). The fish fillet at Sango Master Burger was tough and the breading was a bit too thick for my taste.

I still like eating at Sango Master Burger. I will stick to their Master Cheese Burger though with the special meat sauce.

Hubby was a happy camper with his Master Cheese Burger and two servings of ice cream.

Hubby and his ice cream, he will give up his pork, but not his ice cream *sigh*

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♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

i like their master burger and chicken burger.. but my fave is their thick cut fries! :D