Sunday, September 13, 2009

Family Fun at LP

I mentioned in my previous post that my uncle is suffering from cancer. Our family once again converged in LP for another get-together. I reckon get-togethers like these would become more and more frequest as the days pass by. These coming together not only signifies our love for my uncle but to make more memories to cherish. The family has come to accept the inevitable and our family's main concern now is for my uncle to be comfortable and pain free.

Our meal was simple and delicious. We had a nice balance of healthy food of grilled tilapia, fresh Lumpia (vegetable crepes) and something naughty like Cadios beans with pork, a comfort food for me. I went a little crazy and had more than my share of the pork. I only eat pork once a week now, so, I make it a point that when I do eat my once-a-week allocation of pork, it better be worth it. My mom as usual made Cadios Beans with pork so good, I feel absolutely no guilt devouring huge quantities today (ok, maybe I feel just a teeny weeny bit guilty).

JJ and Ashley helped me make some bananas dipped in chocolate fondue. Here they are, preparing the bananas for dipping.

My cousin Ali, whos'e 18 years younger than I am is here in Manila to spend time with her dad (my ailing uncle). She's a riot. Look at her photos, not a single straight face in any of them.

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