Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Filipinos simply love to eat… a lot. It is evidenced by the many world class restaurants sprouting all over the place. There is a new buffet place in the metropolis that’s quickly gaining a lot of patrons. Me, being a self proclaimed “foodie” has unfortunately been dining out less and less lately due to hubby’s crazy schedule.

Anyway, Yakimix, is becoming very popular nowadays. There’s a branch in Greenbelt which becomes quite full right before 7pm, so I suggest you come early if you want to try it.

There is certainly a wide variety of dishes to choose from. From sushi, makis, salads, cooked Japanese dishes and ice cream.
Yakimix’ appeal stems from it’s smokeless grill located right on your table. A wide selection of fresh meats are available for everyone to enjoy.

Now, I am not much of a fan of buffet meals because the food is mass-produced. Hence, the quality of the food and ingredients is sacrificed.

However, if you are entertaining a few friends or family members, the buffet route would be wise and less of a hassle.

Yakimix resonates so well with the Filipino consumer, due to the variety of food available, the upscale ambiance and the reasonable price that it offers.

Taste wise, I liked the fresh salmon sushi and the marinated beef that hubby grilled at our table.

Still, despite its Yakimix' lackluster dishes, the patrons seem happy when dining there and I everyone ALWYAS ALWAYS says "I ate too much!" Me included. Ha ha ha.


Socky said...

Where is this in Greenbelt. Haven't seen this, or I haven't been going out lately.

Leica said...

This is on the 3rd level, directly on top of Bubba Gump.