Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Favorite Place in NYC Downtown

I have so much stuff that I've written and drafted but have not posted yet. In the meantime, I'd like to tell you about my favorite place in New York City.

I love walking around, specially when traveling abroad, for it allows me to discover little interesting streets and eats. When we arrived in New York City last year, it was the best time for walking due to the Autumn season. Autumn is my favorite season, since I've experienced it both in Australia and New York, I find that I love having cool breezes blowing on my face as I walk. Most all, I absolutely love the spectacular colors that I see. Since we spent a month in New York City, we witnessed the changing of leaves from evergreen, to reds, to oranges and right before we left, those lovely colorful leaves have started to shed off to make way for winter. Sadly, the snow came three days after we left!

My favorite place by far in NYC is right across the street from our apartment, I am not sure what it's called but I am calling it the Downtown Boardwalk. The boardwalk sits on the edge of downtown, by the Hudson River overlooking Jersey City. The view is just spectacular specially during sunset.

I wish I could bring the cool breezes and the lovely views with me to Manila :-)


Socky said...

In my book, there's no city like New York. You can feel the energy, it never skips a beat and, it's true, the city just doesn't sleep. Not even Paris comes close, though this famed European city has its own charm. New York just constantly surprises. But, for me, it's a place to visit, not live in. So I'm fine with Toronto - good to know that at least NYC is just a hop and skip away. And so close to Europe, too.

Leica said...

I wouldn't want to live in NYC too. Manila is still home :-)

I wouldn't mind spending a few months in Melbourne though. I love it there.

Leica said...
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