Saturday, January 22, 2011

Biking with Hubby

Oh my hubby. He used to love biking before he met me. Well, when I came along, he loved me instead. Ha ha ha.

Anyway, per doctor's orders hubby has to lose weight (HAS TO being the operative word here). For me, I don't know what's wrong but my BMI is within normal level. Not sure why though because I ain't gonna win any super model contest.

One thing hubby and I hate together is dieting. Ugh, specially the kind that you have to eat one kind of food for a certain day and our most hated of all diets is the starvation diet. We know that we cannot stick to any of those things because frankly, they're a bunch of baloney. I think a balanced diet and a reasonable exercise activity per day is more achievable. Yeah, right! Look who's dispensing advice here :-)

I know hubby loves biking. Life just got in the way... work. So when he told me that he wants to go biking again and wanted me to join him. I cringed, but agreed anyway. I prefer doing the treadmill while watching my favorite shows on TV. But I don't have the space for a treadmill at home. (Well, actually I do, but it will ruin the aesthetics of the living room. Nope don't wanna do that!)

Hubby was so excited today, because we'll be biking together again, out of town, not just in the neighborhood. We went to Nuvali earlier and biked. We loved it! My legs were screaming for mercy but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

It takes forever to load the bikes in the car, but well worth it.

Anyhoo, this story is too long. Thanks for reading :-)