Monday, January 24, 2011

Midnight Snacking at Ayu Sushi Bar in BF

Hubby and I were beat from last Saturday's errands and biking activities. When we took a "nap", we woke up past 9:00 p.m. already! Where to eat at such a late hour without driving too far?

Hubby's been meaning to try out that hole in the wall Ayu Sushi/Japanese Restaurant located near Southville International School along Tropical Avenue, which he passes by everyday on his way home. It's less than five minutes' drive from our place anyway so we gave Ayu Sushi a go.

The place certainly is quite hodge podge in terms of decor. There's even a Karaoke room tucked in a corner somewhere. Ayu Sushi also offers grilled items, which you can grill on your own, right at your table, in a separate area of the restaurant. I wasn't in the mood for grilling so we opted to just have sushi.

There's even a small Koi pond found at the entrance of the restaurant. Which is kinda cute and the Kois are very healthy.

Ayu Sushi was a great find! Hubby was very very happy with what we ordered. In fact, he raved about it in his Facebook page, he he he :-)

The uni in particular was very fresh (not frozen as insisted by the waitress). It's presented quite differently too, in plastic lemon cups. I thought from afar they were real lemons.

It would be nicer though if they cut the salmon and tuna sushi a bit thicker. Nevertheless, they were very fresh, which is very important when eating raw fish.

The Tamago was a bit bland though, I didn't like that one.

The Futomaki was a huge hit with hubby as well because there is less rice and more of the good stuff inside.

The owner and head chef of the restaurant is Japanese, that's why the taste is quite good. I haven't been to Japan yet, so I can't compare it to the real stuff.

Overall, I think hubby will be making midnight runs at Ayu Sushi quite often :-)


Socky said...

Great find! Must try, too.

ericbau said...

Oishii! (Delicious. Not the snack.)

Leica said...

OMG, I forgot, I've been to Japan already! Well, does a stop-over at Narita Airport count? He he he.