Friday, January 21, 2011

Chelsea Market, NYC

The Chelsea Market is a famous indoor market in New York City. located in the heart of Chelsea (obviously) it houses a variety of fresh produce, grocery stores, restaurants and bakeries.

It's very interesting there, so many products to purchase and bring home. I would probably do some of my groceries there in case hubby and I stay longer in NYC. It's a great place for specialty foods too.

I was given a sample by the Jacques Torres kiosk of Marzipan coated with chocolate. It was a burst of heaven in my mouth! OMG, I for that one little morsel, it costs $3.00! Literally the morsel is just ever so slightly bigger than my thumbnail, no kidding! I wanted to buy an entire box, but the bean counter in me prevented me from splurging, which I absolutely regret now. Haaay.

This store intrigued me also, since I bake myself. It's called the Fat Witch and was voted as the best Brownie by Oprah Winfrey.

I bought two kinds, the Caramel, which is their best seller and the Brownie with Walnuts, which the lady gave me just as it was cooling on the rack. The Brownie with Walnuts wins by a mile! It wasn't too dense, but very moist and not too sweet.

Chelsea Market is a haven for foodies. I meant to come back and try the restaurants with hubby but for some reason, we never found the time. Well, maybe next time :-)

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