Monday, March 1, 2010

Summer is Here

The scorching heat outside is a surefire sign that summer has finally arrived. Summertime has always been associated with beaches, swimming, succulent fruits, ice cream and cool beverages.

When I was doing some marketing at the BF Palengke, my shrimp suki, offered me some live shrimps. I bought some and fried them immediately and had them for lunch with hubby. I paired them with some yellow watermelons and freshly squeezed dalandan juice (local oranges) with mint leaves from my herb garden. I have two kinds growing in my garden so I used both.

Here's the recipe for the Dalandan Juice

1/2 kilo freshly hand-squeezed dalandan (do not use a juicer, the pith is very bitter)
Simple syrup, powdered sugar or honey (to taste)
Cold Water
Ice Cubes
Mint Leaves

Just mix together.

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