Monday, March 8, 2010

Back Home

I'm back home after spending four days in Asian Hospital. Glad to be home. Thank you for the calls and well wishes from family and friends :-)

I'm doing fine now. A bit weak, and would be resting for a few days to regain my strength.

I've had quite a few tests during my stay at the hospital. The doctors mainly agree that the cause of my weakness is Anemia. The culprit probably is blood loss overtime during my periods. My ultarsound also suspects polyps and myoma. We will get more definitive results once I get another ultrasound when the uterine lining has shed off during my period (it's tough being a girl!).

Anyway, my cardiologist also put me in a Holter monitor, to see which activities trigger the skipped beats. I would like to think that my heart just compensates for lack of blood. I won't know the results 'till Saturday. He would also like to put me on a Treadmill Test, when I am strong enough. I'm nervous about that since I'm a bit of a couch potato and the last time I ran was when I played patintero during my childhood years. Ha ha ha :-)

I've also had an immunologist check my blood for auto immune disease. That would probably be negative since I've been relatively healthy. My cholesterol is normal, my LDL is just a wee bit high, my weight is within the normal range, my heart ventricles are normal.

I'm thinking positive that all these hoolabaloo is just caused by Anemia which can be cured by transfusing blood (thank you for the selfless donors from Red Cross, I have two units running through my veins), eating green leafy vegetables and an iron supplement which my docs have put me on, twide daily.

I'll have rosy cheeks in no time! :-)

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