Friday, January 18, 2013


Sambokojin is the newest buffet place to hit the south (well, at least as far as I know). Hubby and I just chanced upon it while we were doing one of our post holiday shopping in SM Southmall. People were lining up and waiting for tables.

Since it was quite late already, we were able to get a table within 20 minutes (the place really was packed!). I don't know about Filipinos and buffets, they're quite inseparable. Filipinos really really love to eat. Yup, we like 'em greasy, fatty and plentiful.

Anyway, Sambokojin is a fusion of Japanese and Korean cuisines. You can grill assorted meats and seafood with various marinades (or those without marinades are also available). An assortment of sushi and maki are also served, as well as various hot Korean dishes, salads and some steamed dimsum. Desserts of small cakes and several flavors of ice cream with sprinkles, choco chips etc are pretty standard with any buffet place here in Manila. There is something for everyone.

True to our Asian heritage, various condiments are available to enhance your eating pleasure.

There is an abundance of prawn tempura as well. They refill it by the buckets and never seem to run out, like some restaurants I know (ahem, ahem, Yakimix).

Overall though, the food isn't exceptionally mind-blowingly good, but not bad either. For P659 per head, all you can eat? I think that's a pretty reasonable price and not a bad place to treat out family and friends. The seats are quite comfy, the place is bright and cheerful and conducive to laughter and sharing stories.

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