Monday, January 28, 2013

Kenji Tei in Greenbelt 5

It's so rare to go out with Hubby on a weeknight. Last week, he had a meeting in Makati and was able to sneak a quick dinner date with me.

We tried Kenj Tei in Greenbelt 5. There used to be a branch in BF, which recently closed down. I guess parking was a huge problem and the location in BF was hard to get in and out of.

 Last week was the first time we've tried Kenji Tei in Greenbelt 5. I love their modern interiors and the ceiling details.

I ordered the Shoyu Ramen (P228), which is soy sauce based (what I usually order, when eating ramen). The Shoyu Ramen in Kenji Tei in Greenbelt was a bit too salty and "malansa". Not sure why this is so, since the broth usually cooks for hours and hours. I wasn't able to finish my order because of this.

Hubby's order of Shio Ramen (P308), which is a salt based ramen, was way way too salty. We could smell it right away, once it was served. Hubby obviously wasn't too pleased with this.

We also ordered the Oyster Fry (P318). Those are oyster fritters with a sweet soy, chili (something) dipping sauce. I think this dish taste a bit better if dipped in the Japanese mayonnaise. Hubby took one bite and almost spit it out. The oysters weren't very fresh.

Hubby wasn't an happy diner, obviously. He ordered Green Tea Mocchi ice cream (P167), to make himself feel better. Ice cream usually does that to him. Lo and behold, the miracle of miracles, Hubby found an ice cream that he didn't like.

Four strikes. Yikes.

One consolation though, our meal wasn't an expensive one, so it wasn't such a huge waste. Whenever I am in Greenbelt 5, I always see lot of people still eat there , so it may be just one of those "off" nights for the Kenji Tei kitchen.

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