Friday, January 11, 2013

Ganso Shabuway - Japanese Style Hot Pot

Hubby likes shabu-shabu. There is no denying it. He loves the swishy-swishy sound of meat and veggies simmering in a flavorful broth. This is his way of "cooking" me dinner. This also a healthier alternative when dining out.

The latest Shabu-shabu that we tried was at Ganso-Shabuway in Greenbelt 5. The restaurant serves USDA Meyer Angus Beef, Wagyu Beef and Kurobota (pork) and other vegetables. Hubby and I tried the Angus beef set (P750) which comes with two bowls of rice and some vegetables. We ordered an extra set of vegetables (P395) because Hubby was hungry (as always). We chose have a mild miso soup base. You can choose mild and spicy miso and the plain traditional seaweed broth, which doesn't taste anything (I tried it first). The shabu-shabu goes with two kinds of sauces. I like the vinegar/soysauce base rather than the peanut based one.

Hubby loves Ganso Shabuway, he's is very happy with the quality of beef that we were served and felt that the amount of beef were commensurate to the amount that we paid.  Maybe we'll try the Kobe beef next time. But, isn't Kobe beef best eaten as a steak? Just wondering.


C+A said...
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Ganso-Shabuway said...

Thank you for your blog review.
We are very happy you enjoyed your Shabuway experience.

We hope to see you back in one of our branches!


-Ganso-Shabuway Philippines