Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dinner Tonight

Apple and Quezo de Bola (Edam) with guava jelly panini. Apple and Quezo de Bola really go well together. I had it one time for a midnight snack at home. Something sweet and savory. It was so yummy, so I thought it might translate well if made into a panini.

This recipe obviously needs a lot of tweaking. I should have used a softer cheese but didn't have any on hand. Also, the overheated the panini pan had burnt one side of the panini. Had to replace that side with a new piece of bread to salvage the rest of the panini.

Complete bust..... for now.


Socky said...

Did you use the Mario Batali panini pan? It heats up super fast, so you really have to watch it.

Leica said...

Yup, I used it. Heats super fast, that's why one side got burned :-)