Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Challenge?

I was at a salon earlier to get a haircut. I saw an article in a magazine (sorry, forgot which one). Several women will take the challenge of fitting back to their wedding dresses by June of this year.

When I got home, I pulled out my wedding dress. I knew I gained a bit of weight since I got married almost eleven years ago. With trepidation, I put on my wedding dress, got the tape measure out and see once and for all, how many inches I need to lose if I am to take on the fit-in-your-wedding-dress challenge.

***Drumroll*** It's four inches in the chest area! Holy moly, how can I get rid of the back fat and not lose the girls' ummm..... plumpness?!

Wait, I think I have the perfect solution! (Besides exercising daily and watching what I eat)

I'll just be happy with whatever shape I am. For an almost forty year old gal, I think I'm pretty decent shape (round is a shape, in case you've forgotten). Besides, I'm too attached to my girls. I would very much like to keep them.

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