Thursday, November 24, 2011

Vodka, Sprite and Everything Nice

I remember the first and last time I got really wasted. It was during a commercial shoot in Boracay. We had just finished shooting and were celebrating. It was the night before our flight back home. I was about to get married in a few weeks (OMG, this was ten years ago), feeling really happy after a really good shoot, and it was my first shoot out of Luzon, to boot. I remember really enjoying that time and loving the experience. A few co-workers, cast members and clients joined in an impromptu drinking session on the beach. Needless to say, we got carried away with the merry making.  I have a photo hidden somewhere in the recesses of my closet. That photo will never see the light of day, ha ha ha!

I want to share with you a really funny story. We were enjoying the evening, talking and joking and egging each other on, (one more drink!). At one point, I was so drunk, I sprawled on the sand and joked that I have to crawl back to my hotel room because I couldn't stand up anymore. After a few hours, when we are about to hit the sack, so as not to miss our flight,  I realized that my hotel key, which was draped around my neck, was nowhere to be found! In my drunken stupor, I dropped on my knees and combed the sugary white sands of Boracay with my fingers frantically looking for my hotel key. To no avail.

Finally, I swayed to the reception area and said "Miss, I lost my hotel key, heee heee heee". She gave me a new one, while sporting a straight face.

After that incident, I never got drunk again. Last night though, I felt like I needed a drink. I had Vodka, Sprite and an orange at home. So, I said, why the hell not? I am in a safe environment and never go over board anyway. I mixed my own cocktail this time. I drank two cocktails then promptly fell asleep in my bed. I woke up at dawn still wearing my office dress.

Yeah, I can't hold my alcohol.

However though, I had the deepest five-hour nap ever! Ha ha ha.

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