Friday, November 25, 2011

Packing Light

We girls, often pack too much on a trip. You can't deny it. Specially for those who really plan their wardrobe for maximum impact on pictures. I'm not a fashion plate, I just wear whatever is appropriate and comfortable. I saw some old pictures during various trips abroad. I'm always wearing the same jacket! Ha ha ha.

I wish somebody would invent fashionable heels with the Sketchers Shape-up comfort. The Sketchers Shape ups are such a blessing for flat footed people like moi! I luuurve my Shape-ups but they don't look pretty with a sundress or a little black dress. Oh well....

s I don't usually pack a lot of clothes and stuff unless I travel by car, then I have an excuse to bring an extra pillow,  blanket or an extra towel. Traveling by plane though, for vacation (no work included), Hubby and I usually just have one suitcase and a small carry-on for computer and camera equipment. Hubby's humongous clothes take up more than half of the suitcase because he's a foot taller than me!

This is my suitcase, for a company leisure trip, completely packed for a four-day stay in Hong Kong. There are two other bags folded inside, so that I have more space for my loot, he he he.


I remember during my first ever trip abroad, it was in Hong Kong with my dad and my brother, I was still in college, I think. My dad told me to pack light and pack extra bags inside my suitcase. Up to this day, I always to that whenever we are traveling abroad.

Nice advice, Dad. I miss you.

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