Friday, November 11, 2011

Karate Kid .... No, not the movie

After a day of shopping and gorging ourselves at Sbarro, Hubby and I transferred to Karate Kid, so conveniently located beside Sbarro. Karate Kid is a Japanese and American (?) fast food chain. Karate Kid serves assorted Japanese dishes, crepes and burgers. Both Hubby and I have not eaten at Karate Kid before and it looks quite affordable and is always full. My expectations were not high, as with any fast food joints. Basically, I just wanted to cleanse my palate after a heavy garlicky meal at Sbarro. The healthiest option though, was to just brush my teeth, ha ha ha. But the lure of eating sugary things is much more tempting :-)

I ordered the Japanese Cheesecake at Karate Kid. Surprise of surprises, it was quite good. The cheesecake was light in texture as compared to the usual American/Italian cheesecake. I really liked this one. Definitely worth a repeat in the future.

Hubby and I also tried the dessert crepes, served cone-style. We ordered the Double Dutch and the Mango Cream Crepes. The crepes were not as "fluffy" and are quite lacking that milky buttery taste. I wasn't too thrilled with how they tasted, overall. With Karate Kid's price point though, I guess the crepes are passable and could be eaten if you are craving for one and couldn't find any good alternative.

The Japanese Cheesecake was totally worth it though :-)

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