Friday, November 11, 2011

Okiniiri, BF Homes

If this blog was Twitter, the trending will be #japanesefood. Ha ha ha. Can't you tell? 

Hubby just loves them sushi. 

Last weekend's foray was at Okiniiri, along Aguirre Avenue in BF Homes. We came quite early and the place wasn't packed yet. Parking is usually full that's why we only got to try it last weekend. I adore the cherry blossom and butterfly mural. It's so cute even though probably be more appropriate in a nursery or something.

Anyway, I had my usual order of Salmon Sashimi. Which was very fresh and milky. For those who don't eat sashimi of any kind, have an open mind and try one :-) If the fish is fresh, it won't be "malansa" (or "fishy" for a lack of English equivalent). Fresh sashimi will have a buttery, milky and refreshing taste.

There's a a new sashimi on the Okiniiri menu, Hamachi Sashimi. Hamachi is a young yellowtail, or amberjack fish similar to tuna. The texture is smooth, the flesh lighter in color and it has a reddish streak on its meat, the taste much more refreshing and buttery compared to Maguro or Albacore tuna. Hamachi sashimi is almost twice as pricey but worth it.

Hubby as usual tried the Sukiyaki. I'm not sure why he even bothers to order this in a restaurant because he always compares it to the one that I make at home. Mine always comes out better. Ha ha ha.
Okiniiri's version is not very good though and quite salty. I give them high marks for the presentation though, piping hot!

I'm so predictable. I always order the Tempura Bento. Can you guess by now? Ha ha ha. Okiniiri's version was quite bland and tasteless. Not extremely bad, but I've had better. The California Roll wasn't very good either.

I'm not completely lambasting Okiniiri though.  The Hamachi Sushi was exceptionally good, as with the Salmon Sushi and the mural was just too cute :-)

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