Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Papa John's Pizza

Last Sunday, after some errands, Hubby and I had a quick snack at Papa John's n their newly opened branch in BF. Papa John's originated in New York City. There's a branch near Hubby's office in Maiden Lane (Wallstreet) and he would usually go there (during his business trips to NYC) to have a cheap lunch. A big slice of pizza sells for a dollar.

The shop here in BF is quite more fancy than the hole in the wall pizzeria in New York City. I haven't been to any Papa John's yet, whether Manila or NYC. So, this is really a first for me. Hubby was quite excited to go in (he gets that way about pizza, he he he).

The pizzas are hand tossed and prepared fresh upon order order. The kitchen looks clean, thank goodness.

All pizzas come with a cheese dip and a piece of jalapeno pepper on the side. We tried the Papa John's Special (forgot what's it's really called, sorry) with olives, pepperoni, bell peppers etc. We opted to order the small one only since pizzas with thick crusts tend to pack a wallop in your tummy. For me, the pizza was not too bad, not too great either. Personally, the cheese dip that came with it was absolutely vile. It tasted like cheap melted butter mixed with cornstarch. The jalapeno pepper however, was a nice touch, it provided a mild zing when eating your pizza.

Hubby and I also tried the pizza bread (forgot what's it's called, sorry), and a ranch dipping sauce to dip with it. I have to say, the dips were a major disappointment for me. I know what ranch sauce/dressing tastes like, and the one that they served us tasted like sweet tartar sauce. So, I'm not sold on the dips and wouldn't order extra. If you order the pizza or the pizza bread, they come with free cheese dip.

Hubby of course, sneaked an order of rootbeer float. Sometimes I feel like I'm dining with a two year-old, but I love him to bits anyway.


mac centeno said...

papa johns! actually saw your blog off the net and saw your post. nagutom ako.. hehe.

great blog. im planning to go to papa johns myself and try their pizza.. they say its good..

Leica said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog :-)