Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yum Saap in Bangkok

One of my favorite places to eat in Bangkok (aside from Lek's in Saladeng) is Yum Saap (I hope I spelled it correctly). It's one of Bangkok's more famous fast food joints. The food is nice and the prices reasonably priced. You can find Yum Saap in most malls and busy roads. There's one within walking distance from Novotel, Siam.

When my mom and I went shopping at MBK for last minute pasalubong, we dined at Yum Saap. Of course I had my favorite Pad Thai (I had Pad Thai everyday when I was in Bangkok, hee hee). Pad Thai is my favorite Thai food.

My mom ordered fried chicken with a sweet spicy dipping sauce, which she liked. The dipping sauces were nice too. I think it's sambal and a sweet and spicy sauce.

We also tried the Lychee and Crabstick salad and the Shrimp and Melon salad, which were both way too spicy, because I forgot to tell them we prefer to eat "mildly spicy".

I think I'll duplicate the shrimp and melon salad at home but with less of the kick. It would be a nice change from our usual salad fare. I would imagine the salads would be fantastic if the spices toned down a bit :-)

Yum Saap...Masarap! :-)

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ericbau said...

Tamed-down versions of the salads sound great. Looking forward...