Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Putting our newfound culinary repertoire to the test

Note: Late upload :-)

Just a week fresh from our Bangkok trip, were were eager to try our newfound Thai kitchen prowess in the kitchen :-) We gathered together in LP to have Thai-themed dinner.

I made the usual shrimp and pomelo salad :-)

Yours truly was in charge on the Tom Yum. Incidentally, I already made this dish the morning after I got back from Bangkok for hubby to try. Since I had already cooked it previously, I had less chance of poisoning everyone, ha ha ha. I had bought almost all of the ingredients in Bangkok, including the limes, chili paste and galangal.

Tita Socky was tasked to make the minced pork with fried basil. Holy basil wasn't available so we just used regular basil, whick turned out great by the way. The minced pork was delicious, sweet, salty and with a slight kick. Perfect.

My mom came from an event and wasn't able to cook something. I was hoping for that colored sticky rice to be made to some sort of dessert. Well, maybe next time. (hint hint, Ma, I know you're reading this!)

That one-day cooking lesson we took I think paid off :-)

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