Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bangkok Street Food

Thailand is so (in)famous about its streetfood culture. I remember my very first trip to Thailand about 14 years ago, when my dad was still alive. I chanced upon a street vendor selling something like fishballs with vegetables with a sweet tangy sauce. I promptly bought some and loved it.

Now, fourteen years later, I am still in search for that elusive street food. I chanced upon something similar near the hotel, but it's not the same as I remembered it. The sauce 14 years ago was close to the sauce we have here in Manila but with a slight kick.

The sauce of these grilled items come close though, very similar to what I remembered.

I saw an alley near our hotel that sells rows and rows of Thai food viands, noodles, assorted fried and grilled meats. I wanted to try, but, I was under the weather and could not risk getting any sicker. The alley didn't exactly meet my sanitation standards.

I ended up having papaya salad and some shrimp-type lumpia in an airconditioned restaurant somewhere. Unfortunately, this meal was lackluster and failed to impress me. Maybe the street alley, was better afterall.

I also sampled some of Bangkok's pancakes. Each one has a different filling. Some were filled with a custard-like goo, cheese, sesame seeds, coconuts and a whole bunch of other stuff. I liked the pancakes, despite their petite size, they're quite filling. I brought my leftovers to the hotel and ate some of it the following day.