Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Going Gaga over....rice?!

Ok, here's the thing with the foodies like us, one of the fist things that we check out during a trip is the supermarket. Yes, I admit. I spend hours in supermarkets abroad. I love browsing thorugh the aisles and see what products I can buy to add to my pantry. I love discovering new fruits or vegetables that aren't usually available here in Manila. My common buys are spices, oils, salts, jams and some local delicacy.

Bangkok's creme de la creme of supermarkets is found at the lower level of Paragon Mall. OMG, you can taste almost all of the local delicacies, sampaloc, Kalamay of some sort (sorry, I can't pronounce much less spell any of their names, he he he), wafers with pulled pork inside (my fave), pork skin, sliced paper thin and then baked to a crisp. Assorted sweets and cereals. The choices are so varied. I was with my mom during lunch and we hit the supermarket as soon as we finished eating and had a grand time tasting a variety of free desserts (and cheeses) in the supermarket.

The best find perhaps is the assorted multi-colored rice we found! We got crazy, they had pandan sticky rice, turmeric rice, some lavander sticky rice, jasmine rice in rich purple. I bought four packs and a host of other stuff which filled more than half my suitcase!

You can have your rice vacuum packed for free at the supermarket too :-) very covenient in packing!

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