Sunday, August 9, 2009

When guramis went out for drinks

We had such a fun day yesterday at hubby's company bowling tournament and decided to wind down at a bar that we used to frequent as college kids, Tia Maria's. There's a newly opened branch at Festival Mall. You know, just to be nostalgic of our lost and wasted youth, ha ha ha. During our day, Tita Maria's was famous for its Weng Weng, a juice cocktail with vodka, I think. All college kids had that. Ah, fun times.

Hubby and I laughed when we got to Tia Maria's, guramis (or slang for "gurang", or old people), were there and a family. We said to ourselves, man, we're old :-) No college kids in sight! In fact, all Tia Maria's patrons last night were above 30!

Anyway, after perusing Tia Maria's menu, we had some pica-pica of buffalo wings and cheese flautas and some drinks. The strawberry margarita packs a punch. Hubby ended up finishing it for me.

After talking about our respective college adventures at Tia Maria's, hubby and I stayed for about an hour and went home because our old bones were tired and sleepy, so much for a night on the town! :-)

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ericbau said...

The picture of the Tia Maria arch was taken after the margarita and the vodka tonic... :)