Monday, August 31, 2009

Leslie's in Tagaytay

It was our last day in Tagaytay and Tagaytay is famous for it's succulent and tender beef. Some folks from Manila also shop at the market in Tagaytay to buy beef because the meat is so tender and fresh.

A balikbayan's trip to Tagaytay is never complete without having Bulalo (a beef shank soup). We decided to have some at Leslie's. The Bulalo is served in a huge bowl with potatoes, sliced cabbages and green beans. The meat is so tender and falling off the bone. So yummy and so bad for your cholesterol, but what the heck, I'll gladly use up my cholesterol quota for the week just to have that yummy fatty broth and that soft fatty tissue. He he he.

We also had the Cripy Pata, or fried pork hocks. Tony called it cracklings. I call it..."extremely-bad-for-my-health-but-I-am-poweless-to-resist" occassional treat.

I've had my cholesterol quota for the week. Darn, I have to walk a few more blocks to burn it off.

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