Monday, August 31, 2009

Day two at Tagaytay - Sonya's Garden

As I have mentioned before, we are entertaining hubby's balikbayan cousin from Australia. Whenever we have balikbayans coming come, we often make it a point to take them to Tagaytay and Sonya's Garden.

Sonya's Garden still holds that allure of a "secret garden" although it's no longer a secret. It's nice place to have lunch in. All their dining areas have live vines and plants and flowers inside. Makes you feel like eating in a greenhouse. The salad of course is the reason why people come back. The lovely combination of the freshly picked greens, assorted local fruits, jackfruits, flowers and the crunchy pop beans with Sonya's secret salad dressing truly makes a one of a kind salad experience.

Sonya's has expanded so much through the years, I hope that they develop more of the gardens instead of just the dining areas and the bed and breakfast. After all, people not only go to Sonya's for the salad, they come also for the lovely flowers and plants that abound the property.

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