Monday, August 31, 2009

Shakey's at Summit Ridge Tagaytay

I know that Shakey's has been a part of our Philippine culinary lansdcape for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories of dining out was watching the pizza guy toss the dough and ladle on the special sauce and toppings while I watch mezmerized through the restauran't kitchen looking glass. We tend to take Shakey's for granted. What we sometimes forget to realize is that Shakey's is no longer a global brand as it was two decades ago. Shakey's has fallen victim to the global slump and so many management changes through the years that resulted to closing hundreds of their stores globally. The Philippines currently holds the most number of Shakey's restaurants in the world.

Is it any wonder that Balikbayans crave for Shakey's whenever they come home? Even though Shakey's is not a local brand originally, Filipinos have made it their own and has been a part of the Filipino dining culture since it opened here in the 70's.

On our first night at Tagaytay, hubby's cousin Gerry requested to have Shakey's for dinner instead of dining in more swanky places in the area. Shakey's is just within the Tagaytay Summit Ridge's hotel premises and it was so convenient to dine there.

We had a basket of Mojos, or crumbed potato chips as our Aussie friend Tony would say.

We had our usual Friday's Special of shrimps, anchovies and mushrooms with an extra topping of bell peppers. This is our favorite pizza in the whole wide world :-) No exagerration. Hubby was a happy camper.

We also had the Shakey's Special with probably all the toppings available in the Shakey's pantry. This pizza was a bit over done (or extra crispy, as we like to call it).

I love Shakey's pizza. Do you?


ericbau said...

I'm hungry! Is there a 24-hour Shakey's pizza parlor in Metro Manila? If so, let me know!

P said...

love mojos!