Thursday, August 6, 2009

One Rainy Afternoon, Part 3 (Cliffhouse)

Cliffhouse in Tagaytay is great little place to visit. It offers a nice vantage point to see Tall Volcano and it has some cool restaurants in it. There's a new inn about to open there as well.

The weather was rainy (as it says in my title, he he he). There was fog that obscured much of the mountain views.

Despite that, it was still fun to go to Cliffhouse on a weekday when the place isn't too packed with people. There's a small patch of greenery and a pond in the middle, that makes Cliffhouse so pleasant to visit.

Hubby and I wound down at Cafe Breton for some ice cream, crepe and mint tea. We often go to the Cliffhouse branch (or Cafe Breton's Alabang branch) when we want to eat some crepes. The interior is very country and quite homey.

I love crepes because they're freshly made, light and so yummy. Hubby of course has to have ice cream on a cold Wednesday afternoon. He's an ice cream monster. He had the banana split but held off on the whipped cream :-)

I also make crepes at home. Crepes are easy to make but is very time consuming if you are making a huge batch for a party because the crepes have to be made upon "order". Hmm, makes me want to whip up a batch of crepes soon.

What a super fun afternoon.

Hubby gave me a special treat before going home, we drove to Nuvali and fed the Kois :-)

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ericbau said...

More ice cream, anyone?