Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Autralia Part 4: What the????!!!

After getting 40 winks (okay, maybe 60 or so, he he he). We took the tram back to the city to get some grub. We saw a brochure that says that there's a pancake place in Docklands that closes late. So off to Docklands we go. We consulted our map and saw that we have to go back to Flinder's and take the no 48 tram to Docklands. Lo and behold, the whole commercial area is deserted. It was only 8pm! We were told that most stores close at 5:00 p.m. on a Sunday.

We had to wait half an hour more to get another tram. Hubby was a bit pissed and very hungry. We ended up eating at a 24-hour pizza place along Elizabeth Street. The pizzas were ordinary and they sell for AUD2 per slice.

After that, we went for some doughnuts at Walker's doughnuts. The doughnuts were nice. Not too sweet.

Hubby had his second ice cream for the day. The server was surprised that he wanted ice cream when the temperature outside was 13 degrees centigrade :-)

I said, "That's because it's not cold enough outside, *laughter*"

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ericbau said...

Ah, the joys of ice cream...