Thursday, April 16, 2009

Australia Part 8: The other side of Yarra River and Royal Botanical Gardens

I had the tripod with me that day so I made the best of it by going back to the Yarra river and take some photos, with me in it this time, ha ha ha.

I love walking by the Yarra River beacause of the cool breezes and people pay you no mind. One can just pick a shaded part, sit and contemplate on life :-) I found a few people who seem to be doing just that.

I decided to come and see the Royal Botanic Gardens since it was just a short walk from the Yarra River, or so I was led to belive :-) It was a bit of a hike in and around the many beautiful parks in the area.

I love the lanscaping and the many different areas of the garden. I particularly liked the man made lake and variety of ducks that inhabit it.

The photos below are lopsided because I'm an amateur :-)

The Royal Botanic Gardens is H-U-G-E. I got lost while trying to find a way out. When I finally got out, I couldn't make sense on where I was and walked and walked until I reached the Domain interchange. It felt like miles under the sweltering heat.

I was to tired, irritated and hungry by the time I got to the hotel to meet hubby. Hubby took pity on me and decided to just have dinner accross the street at Roscos' Resto @ Chevron instead of going back to the city.

The Pasta Amtriciana that I ordered was too spicy and the anchovies in hubby's pizza seemed raw... but the waiter was funny and the sous chef was cute though :-)


ericbau said...

Shakey's pizza here in Manila seems the better alternative to all pizza places we've tried in Australia so far.

Leica said...

I agree!