Thursday, April 16, 2009

Australia Part 10: Williams Town

I thought my day was pretty uneventful but then, hubby's host Travis, invited us to dinner. He took us to a scenic town just outside of Melbourne. It's called Williams Town, an affluent community situated around three beaches. It was the first time that I've been to a beach town in Australia and I was enthralled.

The homes that you see on these photos are multi-million dollar homes. If we had a million dollars that time, we would have bought a property right then and there :-)

The views are spectacular and it changes everyday depending on the weather and the boats docked on its harbor.

Travis took us to a Fish & Chips shop called Top of the Bay. Fish & Chips are the staple restaurant food in Australia. Your trip will not be complete without at least trying one shop. It's a quintessential Aussie experience shat should not be missed :-)

The fish were very fresh and our host Travis came prepared with everything for our picnic. He brough drinks, cutlery, everything but the kitchen sink :-)

We also met an interesting couple and let us share their table overlooking the water.

Here are some more photos of Williams Town. Is it any wonder why I love Australia so much?