Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Melbourne, Australia Part 1: Parkview Hotel, St. Kilda

Australia takes approximately 8 hours' flight from Manila. It was my first ever flight that lasted over four hours. Keeping comfy and keeping your sanity for 8 hours in a cramped plane seat was quite a challenge. We did manage to get a little sleep out of sheer exhaustion.

The Australian airport authorities are very strict. Wood (including trinkets and necklaces) raw or loose tobacco products are strictly prohibited. Wood products may carry pests, don't bother bringing them in because you will just have to get rid of them at the airport. Food and medicines are also checked. Be sure to have your prescription for your medicine when you take it with you, just in case they ask for it.

For the first part of our trip, hubby was on business and we were booked at Parkview Hotel, which is a stone's throw away from hubby's office.

The hotel is clean and spacious with complimentary tea and coffee making facilities. There's walk in closet, with an iron and ironing board, hair ryer and complimentary toiletries. Housekeeping takes a while to get your room cleaned though.

Water, snacks and internet cost extra and they're quite expensive (as with any hotel). Better get your water and snacks at the 711 store across the street.

The service is so-so and the location is not very ideal if you are traveling for pleasure (if you want to walk). The hotel however, is close to a tram station so it's easy to get around. Trams pretty much travel all over Melbourne.

It has a good view of Albert park though and the F1 event was in the area when we arrived, we could hear the powerful engines roaring while we were in our room. It's a sound pleasurable only to hubby's ears :-) he he he.

Hubby and I decided to forego watching the F1 race and just went out to see the city.

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ericbau said...

Pity we did not have a good view of the race track from the hotel. However, I will trade that for easy access to trams any day. Specially the trams that go to our favorite spots or streets. :)