Thursday, April 16, 2009

Australia Part 12: St. Kilda and its Fairy Penguins and the best gelato in the entire universe

I loved St. Kilda so much, I took hubby there again that night and we hoped that we could get to meet Australia's wild Fairy Penguins. The Fairy Penguins were there alright but since hubby got off from work late, we didn't have enough natural light to take photos of them.

I saw some tourists using flash photography on the penguins (even if there are signs telling them no) and gave them a piece of my mind. They thought I was a local, ha ha ha :-)

Hubby did manage to take some spectacular shots of the place though.

The St. Kilda pier is often abuzz with fishing activity usually by older men whiling away the time under the Australian sky. The gents are very friendly and would often greet you as you pass them by. They usually stay on this pier during the day. I met some nice people there earlier.

The restaurant found at the end of the pier is a local landmark that burned a couple years back and was beautifully restored by the government. St. KIlda Pier won't be the same without it.

There are also other restaurants located right on the beach and it would be nice to have a meal there and watch the sunset.

Hubby's contemplating whether to ditch the sushi meal that I bought back at the hotel :-)

The hoops I'm sitting on are meant for tying your bikes in. Many people usually bring their bikes and pedal along the boardwalk, enjoying the scenery while getting some excercise.

After walking, looking for penguins, make your way to Fitzroy street (where trams pass by) and raid Fritz Gelato. The gelatos are made fresh daily. It was by far the best tasting gelato that I've ever had in my entire life. I highly highly recommend the pistacchio and the honeycomb. Both are award winning recipes. Please, you just gotta try it when you're in Melbourne!

I remember feeling very happy that day :-) Went to the beach, talked to some nice people on the beach, saw some wild Fairy Penguins, had sunset walk at the beach with hubby, had the most delicious gelato in the entire universe. Yep, life was good.

Oh yeah, we did eat the sushi dinner that I bought.


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Random Possum said...

I love the blogs!!! I feel like I was with you guys in the trip. Thank you for sharing....miss you!

hmmm now me want some gelato!!!

Leica said...

OMG! The gelato was really really good!

I miss you too!