Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sisig Heaven

On my way home, I had remembered an office mate telling me about the best sisig this side of Makati. No, it's not from one of those over priced beer joints found in the mall. Rather, the famous sisig is found in this shack, Jolly jeep as fondly called by Makati urbanites, located in Rada corner de la Rosa Streets.

It was still open when I passed by (they close at 11:00 p.m., in case you're wondering), pretty unusual for jolly jeeps who cater mostly to the lunch crowd. I decided to buy some of their famous sisig for my dinner. Why not? I've been good all day eating just oatmeal and two peanut butter sandwiches.

Oh man, the line's quite long. The cook and his assistant was curious why this crazy woman in a dress was taking pictures of their shack. Their curiosity got the better of them and asked me, "Ma'am para ba yan sa advertisement for Coke?" "Hindi kasi ako na pose nung nga picture kayo" He he he. I said no, I just wanted to take pictures :-) Their patrons were looking at me funny, they probably think I was a lunatic :-)

The sisig is cooked only when you order so there's a bit of a wait. No matter, I think Manong gave me more than the usual serving. I couldn't wait to eat it, the smell alone made my mouth water.

Their sisig is not your typical pulutan. Their version is mostly the ulam variety. You can specify how you want it, toasted, spicy, not spicy, with egg, no egg. I preferred mine not spicy with egg. The egg is mixed in at the last minute and topped with a squirt of mayonnaise. I know, sinful right? And it's probably the cheapest one available, P37.00 with rice. Crazy cheap, right?

My golly, this sisig is very good, I finished every last morsel. Hold on to your Xenical girls, you're gonna need it. The thing is so fattening, it should be illegal.


ericbau said...

Interesting question that cook posed: "Ma'am para ba yan sa advertisement for Coke?"; when their whole stall is plastered with stickers from Pepsi !

Its a bit like "Pabili ng Colgate...Yung Close Up, ha."

Ah, yes. That's the power of advertising to the common man.

Random Possum said...

kuya eric...i was thinking about that too! "Ma'am para ba yan sa advertisement for Coke?", and meanwhile the whole shack was all about Pepsi.

have fun in taiwan!