Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hubby's Home!

Hubby’s finally home. I’m very happy that he got home safely despite having a runny nose from spending a week and half in wintery weather in Taipei.

When I arrived home from work, I found him waiting for me in the dining room with his loot. He laid out all his “pasalubong” for me. He got me some neat stuff from Ikea and really nice stuff from the premium grocery store…..Canadian maple syrup (can’t wait to drizzle it over home-made pancakes!), Tasmanian honey, 2 varieties of sea salts, Kalamata Olives, assorted
milk, dark and macadamia chocolates, Belgian chocolate coins (ideal for cupcake decorations) and some yummy smelling stuff from The Body Shop. Awwww…hubby loves me :-)

After checking out every single pasalubong from hubby, we decided to celebrate his homecoming by dining out in Capricciosa in Greenbelt. We’ve never dined there before and we’ve been meaning to try it out for the longest time.

The restaurant is located on the third floor of Greenbelt 3. Their interiors are warm and the booth that we sat in was very comfy with padded seats. They have an open kitchen so it’s interesting to watch the chefs do their thing. As most Italian restaurants, we know that their servings will be generous and we settle for just two items from their menu. We settled for some Caesar’s salad (P280) and Lasagna (P616). The lasagna is baked in a skillet. Both disher were good and quite filling. We’ve noticed that the salad dressing was a bit sweet as with the lasagna. We don’t know exactly why this is so but hubby enjoyed both immensely. Personally, I prefer Sbarro’s lasagna over Capricciosa's.

For dessert, I promised hubby he can have as much ice cream as he wants despite having a runny nose :-) We sat at Gelatone, an ice cream parlor right beside Café Bola in Greenbelt. Hubby ordered the bubble gum flavor with the fun blue color (although it looks green in this photo). I ordered the marscapone with nougat bits. Both were equally good, yummy and rich. I couldn’t finish mine, hubby had to eat the rest for me. Yeah, poor thing. He he he :-)

Such a fun evening, my hubby’s home safely, out tummies filled to the brim and whole lot of nice goodies from hubby.


ericbau said...

Now if we can only figure out what one of the Ikea cooking implements I bought is used for...

I bought it with the full expectation that the wife will know what its for. Well, guess what. She's stumped, too.

Anonymous said...

i nver knew that gelatone has bubble gum flavour, i have to try that, currently BTIC has the best bubble gum ice cream