Monday, January 28, 2008

Deconstructing a Meal with Mom

I had a fantastic lunch with my mom this saturday. We dined at Zong, at The Fort. I'm not exactly a fan but mom is very fond of their fried chicken with salted egg batter. Very crispy and just slightly salty. Served over a bed of kropek.

For me, I'm partial to Jellyfish and Century Egg. (It's not really made from jellyfish, silly) It's called jellyfish because it's a pickled seaweed that resembles the look and texture of real jellyfish. Century eggs are named century because they are preserved on the ground with lots of salt for 100 days (or maybe less, who knows?). Hence, the reference for the "century". The yolk becomes green, mushy and yummy and has a funny odor. But don't be put off, it's really nice.

Mom also ordered the Hot Shrimp Salad, which was nice as well. The shrimps are breaded and fried then tossed in some mayo, cucumber and carrots. It's quite heavy for a salad and it's anything but healthy :-)

We balance out the fried stuff with some Steamed Fish in Mushroom and Soy Sauce. I like this dish very much. I gather hubby would love this too because of the shitake mushrooms (he loves 'em). It seems easy enough to do. My mom and I deconstructed it, I hope we got all the ingredients correctly: soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, shaved ginger, lapu-lapu fillet (red snapper), leeks, shitake mushrooms, stalks removed, carrots and broccoli steamed together and garnished with cilantro sprigs. I'm going to try and recreate this at home, wish me luck!

Deconstructing a meal in restaurants is a hobby of my mom and I. We love to taste dishes and try to figure out the ingredients in them. Most of the time, we can recreate a dish at home and make it better :-)


Random Possum said...


i have to bring you to this restaurant in Hong Kong that makes fried shrimp with salted egg good!!!

looking forward seeing you very soon :-)

Leica said...

You too! Can't wait.

Leica said...

You too! Can't wait.