Thursday, June 6, 2013

What's In My Green Juice Today

I found some sayote (chayote) tops in the supermarket yesterday, as well as tomyao, which kinda looks like a sprout of some sort. I bought some before, a few years ago, and I wanted to try and juice it as well. Turned out though, the tomyao didn't give a lot, if any, juice at all. Maybe it's best used in salads. I also added malunggay (moringga) leaves, since it's free from my neighbor's tree. The flavor of all three when juiced with other ingredients, is quite grassy, but not wholly unpleasant. I would have added more oranges or pineapple next time but, Hubby really likes those and I only have a few left in the fridge. Hubby comes first, because he can't tolerate the green juice.... yet.

I juiced a huge amount of produce today. Really astounding when you look at it collectively. I wouldn't normally consume that much, when I eat. With juicing though, it yielded just under three liters of juice.

Anyway, I'm not surviving on juice alone. I still eat, quite more sensibly than I used to. I still have cravings and it's really so hard not to give in to that. I was going half crazy last night looking for junk food in our junk drawer but, there wasn't any left! The kids have cleaned us out!

Just wanted to share. Have a great day ahead! :-)

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