Monday, September 19, 2011

Songkran in BF

I know I've been slacking with my blog lately. I'm just so busy.... watching things on Youtube. Ha ha ha. Romantic comedies are just so addicting to watch.

Anyway, there's a Thai restaurant in BF called Songkran, located along Aguirre Avenue. There are just so many restaurants and bistros popping inside BF nowadays, sometimes I get confused which ones to try first.

We tried eating at Songkran a few weeks ago ( I think). I was browsing through the photos on my iPhone and realized that I haven't blogged about this restaurant yet.  Lowdown though, Songkran's food is not so bad, but it's not authentic. If you've been to Thailand, you'll know what I mean. 

For starters we had the fresh spring roll. I liked this dish, quite refreshing to eat.

We also tried the pomelo and shrimp salad. The dressing's a bit too sweet but otherwise, the pomelos were really fresh and juicy. The plate's pretty cute too.

I had the Pad Thai, which is my favorite Thai dish. The one from Songkran was ok but lacked something. The best Pad Thai that I tasted was at a food stall at the floating market in Thailand. I don't think that it was prepared at the most sanitary conditions though. Luckily, I flew back home safe and sound.

Hubby had the beef soup, which I suspect had an instant soup base. We wouldn't order this again.

A lot of people dine at Songkran due to its affordability, accessibility and overall good service. 

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