Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bulgogi Brothers in Greenbelt

The BFF and I met last night for our usual dinner date. We agreed to meet in Greenbelt and try out a new restaurant. As we were walking and scouting for new restos to try, we chanced upon Bulgogi Brothers, who happen to be on "soft opening".

Me, in my typical manner, went in and requested for a table for two. We were seated in a nice table at the corner and we were informed that it was VIP night and it was the restaurant's maiden operation. Guests, were by invitation only. Yikes! We had no idea (well, they did seat us). As we were gesturing to leave, they encouraged us to stay and try the VIP menu.

Wow, boy, did we get a VIP treatment!

As we were seated, the waiters served us with complimentary appetizers of sweet potatoes, corn on the cob and boiled quail eggs and bottomless cups of cold corn tea.

Another trio of appetizers were set on out table which consisted of Spinach Salad in a sweet, spicy and tangy dressing, eggplant salad and steamed greens.

I LOVE the Spinach Salad. It was absolutely delicious. Refreshing yet tangy and spicy at the same time. It's a wonderful explosion for your taste buds. I will definitely order this again.

Don't you just love Korean food and their side dishes? :-)

For our next dish, we were served a huge, I mean huge, plate of Sogogi Nangchae. Grilled beef with fresh salad. It was beautifully presented. The beef was very tender and seasoned perfectly. The salad dressing was more on the sweet side but it compliments the beef, the greens and the tomatoes really well. The Sogogi Nangchae is a meal in itself. Another winner on the menu.

For the main dish, our server grilled Gwang Yang Style Bulgogi, right our table. The beef was so fresh and tender. I know it might sound funny to you, but the taste was a bit milky and so melt-in-your-mouth good. Gwang Yang, is a province in the South part of Korea and their Bulgogi is cooked differently than traditional Bulgogi. The beef is sliced differently. Looking at the raw beef slices prior to cooking, I could tell that particular care was taken to prepare the meat. I wish I knew the secret so that I could duplicate it at home.

We also tried the Kimchi Jigae, which is a Kimchi Stew. I'm not really sure how to describe this, but to have a Filipino reference, it's like Kimchi sinigang. Spicy yet sour at the same time. The stew has some rice cakes in it (like gnocchi). The taste is pleasant over all.

The BFF and I had a really fantastic time at Bulgogi Brothers. The food and service were really excellent and I can't wait to go back and try the other items on their menu.

 Kamsahamnida Bulgogi Brothers! :-)

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