Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Cake Expo

Got a complimentary ticket from Goldilock's Cake Expo yesterday.

The demo was conducted by Sandy Folsom and Diana (sorry forgot her last name) from Wilton. They flew in from Illinois just for this expo. In fact, they were the last flight out before O'hare was shut down due to the snowstorms!

Yesterday's demo was about brownie pops, a new trend in the US and soon to be here in Manila too. The demo wasn't hands on, sayang. I would have loved to learn how to handle the fondant.

I did have a great time nonetheless. It's such a rare opportunity to see a decorating guru in person!

The decorated pops are just adorable. Makes me want to bake a batch and decorate!

They did some cupcake decorations too and some fun stuff in fondant which are super cute for children's parties.

The dome cake decoration looks so easy when they do it!

This one's just too cute for words!

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